! NEW ! Partly refurbished pre-owned cocoa butter and powder processing plant

Butter and powder processing plant, about 1,5 years old. The plant has been operating in Germany and has supplied high-quality chocolate makers with natural cocoa butter and powder. It is a small-scale, nibs butter-pressing plant, manually operated, designed for the processing of well-dried and well-sorted cocoa beans. The pressing-line consists of multiple (7) small nibs pressing units. Most equipment is full stainless-steel. The plant will be supplied as partly refurbished in a completely operatable condition with all wear parts in new or good condition.


Electrical connection: 400V@50Hz
Installed power: overall approx. 50 kW

Bean input capacity up to 65 kg/h
Nibs pressing capacity 50-53 kg/h
Powder (natural) output capacity up to 27 kg/h
Butter (natural) output capacity up to 25 kg/h

Approximate installation space required: min. 10 x 10 m

Recommended extras: destoner, dryer


The processing plant consists of following machinery: (more pictures to follow)

  • Winnower with a capacity of up to 100 kg/h, including pre-hopper, dosing unit, bean breaker and suction system with cyclone and ventilator. Housing, product hopper, cyclone and sieves in stainless steel.

Type: BEAR BWI100
Manufacturing year: 2019
No. of sieves: 3
Throughput: up to 100 kg/h

Vibration drive: 2 x 0,18 kW
Bean breaker: 0,37 kW
Ventilator: 1,1 kW

Including control panel.


  • Seven parallel nibs pressing units with individual, oversized product hoppers in stainless steel. The presses have heated pressing nozzles and frequency converter for feeding speed. Operating pressure adjustable by mechanical adjustment of pressing nozzle. The presses are mounted in a stainless steel framework with butter collecting chute and coarse product sieve in stainless steel. Press housing in stainless steel, pressing screw in special steel.

Type: BEAR CMP05
Manufacturing year: 2019
No. of presses: 7
Throughput: 7 x 7-8 kg/h
Pressing degree: rest fat in cake down to <8 %
Drives: 7 x 1,7 kW

Including frequency controlling for the presses.

  • Two-stage butter filtering with blurry butter/sediment tank, 500 l, and filter-press including pump and heating box. Sediment butter tank including circulation pump and stainless steel piping.

Blurry butter tank

Jacketed stainless steel tank. With re-circulation and product feeding pump, type Sivag gear pump in casted iron. Product piping in stainless steel, partly jacketed.
Manufacturing year: 2020
Volume: 500 l

Clear butter tank

Jacketed stainless steel tank.
Manufacturing year: 2020
Volume: 500 l


Frame filter-press with multiple filter cloths. Filter frames in stainless steel.
Manufacturing year: 2019
Filter size: 400 x 400 mm
No. of filter frames: 10
Throughput: 500 l/h

Tool-temp water temperer

Water heating unit with adjustable output temperature.

Pump: 0,5 kW
Heating: 0,5 kW
Water heater: 6 kW

Including frequency controlling for product pump.


  • Tempering and filling unit, semi-automatic. Hydraulic, piston-type tempering unit with three temperature zones with automatic, individual temperature adjustment. Including hydraulic pump.


Piston-type tempering unit with housing in mild steel and piston in PE. Piston drive by hydraulic pump.
Manufacturing year: 2019
Throughput: up to 300 kg/h
No. of temp. zones: three cooling zones, one heating zone


Type: Carrier AquaSnap
Manufacturing year: 2019
Cooling capacity: 10 kW

Filling unit

Manual filling unit with ball valve and digital weighing scale. 

Hydraulic pump: 1,1 kW
Chiller: 5,5 kW

Including control panel with automatic temperature controlling and individual temperature adjustment for the different temperature zones.


  • Sifter milling plant for powder milling with adjustable sifter speed adjustment via frequency converter. Open air circulation system with fine-filter for fresh air suction. Equipped with bursting disc for explosion safety. Including product separation cyclone and piping in stainless-steel. Dosing discharge valve for final product to fill in paper bags. With digital weighing scale.

Type: BEAR BCM100
Manufacturing year: 2019
Throughput: up to 100 kg/h
Grinding tools in special steel.
Milling housing and steel frame in stainless steel.

Main drive: 7,5 kW
Sifter drive: 1,5 kW
Ventilator: 11 kW
Feeding star-lock valve: 0,5 kW
Discharge star-lock valve: 0,5 kW

Including control panel with frequency controlling for sifter drive and ventilator.