Engineering and Consulting

We offer consultation and engineering services from the initial idea and feasability analysis up until the project implementation. Thanks to our experience, our customers can profit from our assistance in different project phases such as feasability study, preparing technical parameters, project planning, plant engineering and execution coordination. We also offer preparation of different technical survey reports, such as for: process optimization, optimal machinery set-up and inputs for decision making processes.

  • Project management
  • Process optimization with bottle-neck identification
  • Feasibility study with NPV and Payback-time
  • Process layout
  • Plant design
  • Project coordination
  • Technical and financial evaluations


We can assist with scheduled maintenance services, installations and retro-fit projects. Hand in hand with our engineering department we can take care of complete retro-fit, replacement and expansion Projects. We can also help to set up regular maintenance shcedules to decrease unscheduled downtimes and increase machinery availibility.

  • Maintenance schedules
  • Retro-fitting
  • Installations
  • Expansion projects
  • Replacements