BWI100 small-scale winnower

A small-scale winnowing plant in good condition.


Electrical connection: 400V@50Hz

Installed power: approx. 2 kW

Capacity up to 100 kg/h

Approximate installation space required: min. 2 x 2 m

  • Winnower with a capacity of up to 100 kg/h, including pre-hopper, dosing unit, bean breaker and suction system with cyclone and ventilator. Housing, product hopper, cyclone and sieves in stainless steel.

Type: BEAR BWI100
Manufacturing year: 2019
No. of sieves: 3
Throughput: up to 100 kg/h

Vibration drive: 2 x 0,18 kW
Bean breaker: 0,37 kW
Ventilator: 1,1 kW

Including control panel.