Two-stage cocoa butter filtering plant

Cocoa butter filtering plant including pre-filtering sediment tank, frame filter-press and product pump.


Electrical connection: 400V@50Hz
Installed power: overall approx. 7 kW

Capacity 100-200 kg/h of blurry butter

Approximate installation space required: min. 2 x 5 m

  • Two-stage butter filtering with blurry butter/sediment tank, 500 l, and filter-press including pump and heating box. Sediment butter tank including circulation pump and stainless steel piping.

Blurry butter tank

Jacketed stainless steel tank. With re-circulation and product feeding pump, type Sivag gear pump in casted iron. Product piping in stainless steel, partly jacketed.
Manufacturing year: 2020
Volume: 500 l

Clear butter tank

Jacketed stainless steel tank.
Manufacturing year: 2020
Volume: 500 l


Frame filter-press with multiple filter cloths. Filter frames in stainless steel.
Manufacturing year: 2019
Filter size: 400 x 400 mm
No. of filter frames: 10
Throughput: 500 l/h

Tool-temp water temperer

Water heating unit with adjustable output temperature.

Pump: 0,5 kW
Heating: 0,5 kW
Water heater: 6 kW

Including frequency controlling for product pump.