Compact cocoa nibs butter presses

Small-scale, nibs butter-presses, manually operated, designed for the processing of well-dried and well-sorted cocoa nibs. The pressing operation is continuous with a speed adjustable nibs throughput.


Nibs input capacity 6-8 kg/h per unit
Press-rate: > 90 %
Heatable press-head

Electric power: 1,7 kW

  • Seven nibs pressing units with individual, oversized product hoppers in stainless steel. The presses are equipped with heatable pressing nozzles and frequency converter for feeding speed. Operating pressure adjustable by mechanical adjustment of pressing nozzle. Press housing in stainless steel, pressing screw in special steel.

Type: BEAR CMP05
Manufacturing year: 2019
No. of presses: 7
Throughput: 7 x 7-8 kg/h
Pressing degree: rest fat in cake down to <8 %
Drives: 7 x 1,7 kW